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Take a moment to read some of my past clients experiences of my photography workshops to help you get a flavour of what you can expect.

Winter is a magical time to capture the beauty of Venice through photography. With cooler temperatures and fewer crowds, you can explore the city's charming streets and canals without interruption. The light during the winter months is also unique, casting a soft glow on the colourful buildings and waterways. The mist and fog that often envelop the city during this season add an ethereal quality to your photos, creating a dreamy atmosphere. With Rodney's encyclopedic knowledge of the streets and canals, it was possible to capture the city's iconic landmarks, such as St. Mark's Basilica and the Rialto Bridge, as well as the quieter corners of the city where you can discover hidden gems. Our hotel was right in the middle of it all, which made getting around so easy. 

Venice Photography Tour / Gareth Murran

I have used Rodney’s photographic guiding services twice now, (Antrim coast and Dingle) I would have no hesitation in recommending Rodney to other tour leaders who were thinking of running photo workshops and hiring a van to Ireland. Rodney’s local knowledge is exceptional, the experience he has gained in running his own tours means he understands the requirements of running a successful trip, he knew the best time of day to visit each location to get the best light, where to ‘duck in’ and get a cuppa when the heavens opened and where to find a ‘loo’ at short notice, he took away all the logistical hassle and stress of running a tour allowing me to spend more time to focus on clients, Im looking forward to working with him again in the near future.

Antrim Coast / Dingle / Terry Gibbins

We had the wonderful opportunity of having Rodney visit our school to do a photography workshop with our Transition year students recently and I would highly recommend, it was so interesting informative and was thoroughly enjoyed by the students.

Phone Photography Course / Brian Coleman

I joined two others and Rodney on a workshop in Iceland that he led in March this year. Prior to the trip I was kept fully informed via a detailed itinerary and I was particularly impressed with the Facebook page that he set up so that all of us could engage with each other before meeting in Iceland. This forum enabled us to raise any questions that we had and these were answered promptly and informatively; and the gentle banter that evolved between us all before flying out removed all nerves about meeting as strangers. 

The trip was a photographic experience of a lifetime! The landscape was simply breathtaking, and due to the careful preplanning conducted by Rodney, we were taken to a series of places - some well known and some not - that were simply awe inspiring. 

Whilst I am an experienced photographer, I had come out with the aim of mastering a new skill - that of long exposure photography. Rodney was a master at explaining the steps to take, pitched at a pace that was easy to take in and with plenty of reinforcement and encouragement to embed the learning. Always patient, knowledgeable and invariably good humoured, he was an example of what a great teacher looks like when working with each of us. And as a teacher myself, I certainly know one when I see one! 

As well as being enriched photographically, I can safely say that the three of us who went on the workshop had a fantastic time - great 'craic ' as the Irish would say! 

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Rodney's workshops to any photographer who wishes to improve their technique and creative process. I'm already in discussion about when I will be joining Rodney for my next workshop with him! 

Iceland Photo Tour / Max More

I went to Northumberland on a five day workshop with Rodney last weekend. From the moment we left Dublin everything was meticulously planned to give us the maximum locations, a great variety of landscape/seascape types, great learning experiences on light, balance and composition. Every aspect of the workshop had been researched in great detail down to the cafes we stopped in for lunch! Each day we were driven to great vantage points where we could make the most of the stunning scenery. We got great care and tuition and had a thoroughly enjoyable experience with great company! I would not hesitate to recommend this workshop to anyone and will be back with Rodney to many of the other great locations he has to offer. 


Northumberland Photography Workshop / Berni Murphy

Having been on various photography trips over the last 2+ years, taking part in a multi-day workshop-style trip this time round was an altogether more rewarding experience, especially in part due to the care & attention Rodney provides to everybody. 

Rodney went the extra mile to ensure we got to the right locations at the right time, in the right conditions. What impressed me most was how Rodney seemed to be able to precisely locate the nuances and sweet-spots of each location … many of which would not be entirely obvious, except for his artistic eye. 

Best of all, I advanced my photography skills - Rodney helped me climb a couple of wrungs of the ladder. I learnt SO MUCH over the few days. By that I mean a refining and rethinking of what I’ve been doing over the years. I felt that I had embarked on a v2.0 of my overall photography. 

That generous, impartial, helpful refining process that’s available on-tap, is what makes Rodney’s trips that bit special. 

A final thought - it’s the first photography trip where I didn’t hit the the office the Monday morning afterwards like the walking-dead ;-) I have to give Rodney kudos for being very smart with the seasonal timing of his trip: the sunsets & sunrises and what happens in-between. 

All in all, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND a trip with Rodney O’Callaghan Photography if you want to advance your skills, take-in gorgeous landscapes while still taking time-out, and have a laugh while you’re at it. 

Tuscany/Northumberland / Paul Leith

I first met Rodney O Callaghan on a photo workshop on the Causeway Coast. I had never met him before and this work shop was a revelation to me. He was attentive to the needs of all the group. 

I have taken pictures since I can remember and was involved in setting up a dark room in my old secondary school in the 70’s. I took up photography seriously only about 5 years ago . Since that first workshop with Rodney I have attended another 3 day workshop in Donegal and last week I spent a week with Rodney on a 1 to 1 in Iceland. What an unbelievable experience that was. Just top class. 

What have I not learnt from Rodney !!  He is remarkable. Apart from his humour and easy going personality, he is attentive and there only for the client (which was me fortunately). I have learnt so much; composition, camera function, angles, use of light , controlled HDRs (as best one can) to simple aspects about camera bags and tripods. He is a wealth of knowledge, delivered in the most pleasant way. 

Recently he showed my some digital processing which he imparts with ease. It goes even further. If you have a problem (like I had with processes 2 images after one of the previous workshops) he would bend over backwards. He has guided me with my forthcoming photographic book. 

So for a photo whokshop where you want to be brought to the right location at the right time- Rodney is your man! 

Iceland 1-2-1 Photography Workshop / Michael Sugrue

After having the pleasure of spending almost a week in Tuscany with Rodney I’ve come home more knowledgeable and confident in my photography. Rodney is a true gent and phenomenal at what he does. He is patient and extremely helpful and taught me how to deconstruct a scene and pick out details I never would have considered before when shooting. He is a true master of his craft and I came away from Tuscany with some of the best photos I have ever taken. I would thoroughly recommend his tours to anyone looking to improve or find a new angle in photography. 

Tuscany Landscape Photography Tour / Paul O Donnell

I have just returned from an excellent workshop in Slovenia with Rodney'O Callaghan. The locations were spectacular and so varied and Rodney's organisational skills ensured we visited them at optimum times of each day. As with all of Rodney's workshops he is continuously on hand to provide individual help, advice and encouragement to each member of the group, regardless of their standard of knowledge.

We not alone came away stunning shots, we also came away with an overview of the beauty of Slovenia. I would highly recommend going with Rodney on one of his workshops and there you will learn photographic skills together with the fun and laughter of being with some wonderful like minded people under the guidance of an excellent mentor. 

Thanks Rodney for a wonderful experience and a top class workshop . Thanks also to a super group people who bonded well over the few days and provided much fun and laughter.

Slovenia / Sheila O'Connor

I went on a photography workshop to Tuscany with Rodney recently and am so impressed with his professionalism and genuine interest in getting the best out of each participant. Rodney’s lovely and calm manner put everyone at ease, regardless of their previous photographic experience or abilities. The trip was really well organised and his knowledge of the area was second to none. He brought us to some amazing places, off the beaten path and I was blown away by the beautiful scenery we captured throughout our trip. 

I will certainly go on other trips organised by Rodney and I highly recommend him! 


Tuscany Photography Workshop / Marie Breen

I recently attended a Dawn to Dusk one day workshop with Rodney. 

His attention to detail and his tips on composition is quite amazing. I found Rodney's passion for image capture gave us participants, an even greater desire to capture brilliant images. 

I have been an active photographer for many years and have participated in international workshops - Rodney's tutor knowledge as a landscape photographer is "World Class " 

One of the greatest pieces of knowledge I gained on the day was seeing a great image in challenging conditions. 

I would highly recommend a workshop with Rodney be it for technical tips or for local landmarks. 

Dawn to Dusk / David Lavery

I went on Rodney's Dawn to Dusk workshop in Dingle, and couldn't recommend his workshop, or working with him as a tutor in any situation, highly enough. Rodney is a natural tutor, he is encouraging, helpful, intuitive and doesn't bombard you with information, instead simplifying the process of capturing great images. 

The day was well organised and planned. We had a small group, with each attendee getting as much individual attention as needed. I learned a lot, and not just in terms of the areas I knew I needed to work on before attending, and had great fun in the process. Our group weren't even halfway through the day before we found ourselves trying to figure out when we could do another workshop with Rodney. I should have booked one of these days years ago, in hindsight it seems crazy to invest in camera equipment, filters etc. without also investing in guidance on how to see the best composition and ways of capturing it. 

I have come away from the day with a lot to practice, and more than a few bad habits to break, but my enthusiasm for photography has only increased. I look forward to doing more work with Rodney, if you are thinking about booking with him just do it, you will not regret it.

Dingle Peninsula Workshop / Orla Fleming

I spent a very informative and enjoyable weekend recently with Rodney O’Callaghan and five other enthusiastic photographers from various parts of the country, who assembled in Dingle for his workshop. There are many aspects to shooting a great landscape / seascape shot, according to Rodney. 

Even when you find an amazing location, and arrive at the right time… you still have to work out your settings, and find the best spot to shoot from. We were lucky as Rodney had all this work done, as he is very familiar with the Dingle Peninsula. On the surface landscape photography looks easy. But anyone who’s tried it knows it’s not as simple as finding a stunning location. 

In fact, as Rodney alluded to many times, great photographers often take stunning images in the most average locations. Because they know: What to do in different weather and lighting conditions, what composition techniques they can use in any scene and they know exactly how to set their cameras up for the best shots 

Rodney has developed this simple, yet effective, five-step process, which he explained to us in simple English. 

Step 1 – Location Scouting 
Step 2 – Weather 
Step 3 – Time of Day 
Step 4 – Composition 
Step 5 – Settings 

Rodney spent his time guiding each one of us to capture an image we would be happy with. He is very encouraging as he suggests a variety of ideas to capture the ultimate shot. He encourages to look beyond the obvious when it came to the composition of the shot. I would highly recommend Rodney as a tutor as he has a very pleasant style, which gives you confidence in your own ability as a photographer. Many of us are very critical of our own images. 

When you arrive at a location, he encouraged us not to start shooting straight away. He suggested we go for a walk to explore the location and be on the lookout for good spots to shoot from. Develop an image in your mind’s eye to include a foreground interest as well as an interesting scene. But don’t hang about either as But by the time you have found the exact spot you wanted to shoot from, the light and weather could have changed, and the moment would have escaped you. 

Many of us photographers have hundreds, if not thousands of images on our computers at home, sitting there idle. I have decided this time to compile a “Photo Book” of my weekend in Kerry and include in it a selection of my images, as a souvenir of the weekend. I am going to entitle the book “The Delights of the Dingle Peninsula”. I have ordered one copy and hope to have it in my hand in about a week. Thanks again to Rodney for all his encouragement and support. 

Dingle Peninsula Workshop / Liam O Neachtan

Having attended several workshops with Rodney over the years, (Killarney/Northumberland/Lofoton Islands/Dingle), I can safely say that Rodney is a fantastic tutor, guide and workshop leader. Well organized, with every location visited and researched in advance, to identify great locations for the best lighting and photo opportunities. His attention to detail, encouraging positive manner and willingness to spend time with each participant, regardless of whether you are a beginner or have significant photographic experience, is exceptional. Nothing is ever too much trouble and there is always a plan B (or C/D) if the weather or circumstances change! 

When travelling overseas, the logistics are all taken care of and the accommodation comfortable and suitable. Rodney’s energy, passion for photography, his ability to explain simply what makes a great image and how to approach composition and work with available light is inspiring and builds skill and confidence. 

On each trip, in my experience, the group worked very well together, and not only did we work long days, but had great fun and lots of laughter! 

I would highly recommend Rodney’s workshops. They provide a great way to improve you photography, while also visiting beautiful locations, joining like minded individuals with a top class tutor and guide! I will definitely be signing up again. 

Various / Maire Sweeny

I was part of a group of eleven photographers from Killarney Camera Club that went on Rodney's weekend workshop in Killarney and on the Dingle Peninsula. Despite the weather being against us Rodney helped us open our eyes to other potential compositions. Everybody in our group,which was larger than normal, got lots of individual attention and mentoring from Rodney. We went to lots of locations during the two days with a huge variety of subject matter, from wide vistas to intricate patterns in the sand. There was lots of scope to develop our photographic eye over the weekend. Rodney's use of his phone camera as a tool to demonstrate potential compositions was particularly noteworthy. 

I would definitely recommend one of Rodney's workshops whatever your experience level. 

Thanks again for a great weekend :-) 

Dingle Peninsula / Terry McSweeney

Rodneys attention to detail , his patience and enthusiasm and knowledge of cameras and all aspects of photography, made our recent weekend trip to the Dingle peninsula a memorable one. Would book him again in a heartbeat. 

Dingle Peninsula Workshop / Deirdre

I recently attended Rodney's weekend workshop on the Dingle peninsula and found it to be enjoyable and informative. Rodney knows the location really well and can take full advantage of the fabulous vistas on offer there. Even when the weather was bad he was able to be creative and show us hidden gems to photograph. He was very attentive to everyone and although the members of our camera club group were at varying levels of ability we all gained immensely. 

He focused first on composition and looking back on the shots I took it's easy to see where he came along and worked his magic. He helped us to see shapes, layers, colours and symmetry and has ways of turning seemingly dull view into an arresting image. By the end of the weekend I was starting to think a little like him and am looking forward to putting all I have learned into practice. 


Dingle Peninsula Workshop / Anne Kelly

I have just been to a photography workshop with Rodney on the Dingle peninsula, I have wanted to do a workshop like that for a while now, I would highly recommend going on a trip with Rodney. He has an absolute wealth of knowledge. He quickly identified my level of skill and guided me in the right directions. He was on the money with locations and I never felt rushed. 

Dingle Peninsula Workshop / Tom Bradley

Great weekend of photography with Rodney and Killarney Camera Club.Rodney is an excellent tutor with a very creative eye and very attentive to all his students.Plenty of craic and banter also made for a very enjoyable experience facilitated by Rodney's genial personality.Highly recommended. 


Dingle Peninsula Workshop / Michael Kennedy