I recently did a days tuition with Rodney on the Dingle Peninsula and I was delighted with the knowledge I gained
I thought I knew how to take a decent photograph and have even sold some of my photographs but Rodney took me to a different level by sharing his expertise.
He knew that I wanted to focus on composition and settings and he helped me enormously in these areas. He is a very patient and kind instructor and answered by endless questions without hesitation. The Dingle Peninsula truly is a photographers paradise. Be it seascapes , landscapes, sunrises or sunsets there is nowhere else quiet like it! Dingle has it all. I recommend anyone who loves beauty and photography to take a guided course with Rodney and enjoy a great experience.

Geraldine Dunleavy

Geraldine Dunleavy

Having attended several workshops with Rodney over the years,(Killarney/Northumberland/Lofoton Islands/Dingle), I can safely say that Rodney is a fantastic tutor, guide and workshop leader. Well organized, with every location visited and researched in advance, to identify great locations for the best lighting and photo opportunities. His attention to detail, encouraging positive manner and willingness to spend time with each participant, regardless of whether you are a beginner or have significant photographic experience, is exceptional. Nothing is ever too much trouble and there is always a plan B (or C/D) if the weather or circumstances change!

When travelling overseas, the logistics are all taken care of and the accommodation comfortable and suitable. Rodney’s energy, passion for photography, his ability to explain simply what makes a great image and how to approach composition and work with available light is inspiring and builds skill and confidence.

On each trip, in my experience, the group worked very well together, and not only did we work long days, but had great fun and lots of laughter!

I would highly recommend Rodney’s workshops. They provide a great way to improve you photography, while also visiting beautiful locations, joining like minded individuals with a top class tutor and guide! I will definitely be signing up again.

M Sweeney, Cork

Maire Sweeny

I spent a very informative and enjoyable weekend recently with Rodney O’Callaghan and five other enthusiastic photographers from various parts of the country, who assembled in Dingle for his workshop. There are many aspects to shooting a great landscape / seascape shot, according to Rodney.

Even when you find an amazing location, and arrive at the right time… you still have to work out your settings, and find the best spot to shoot from. We were lucky as Rodney had all this work done, as he is very familiar with the Dingle Peninsula.On the surface landscape photography looks easy. But anyone who’s tried it knows it’s not as simple as finding a stunning location.

In fact, as Rodney alluded to many times, great photographers often take stunning images in the most average locations.

Because they know -: What to do in different weather and lighting conditions, what composition techniques they can use in any scene and they know exactly how to set their cameras up for the best shots

Rodney has developed this simple, yet effective, five-step process, which he explained to us in simple English.

Step 1 – Location Scouting

Step 2 – Weather

Step 3 – Time of Day

Step 4 – Composition

Step 5 – Settings

Rodney spent his time guiding each one of us to capture an image we would be happy with. He is very encouraging as he suggests a variety of ideas to capture the ultimate shot. He encourages to look beyond the obvious when it came to the composition of the shot. I would highly recommend Rodney as a tutor as he has a very pleasant style, which gives you confidence in your own ability as a photographer. Many of us are very critical of our own images.

When you arrive at a location, he encouraged us not to start shooting straight away. He suggested we go for a walk to explore the location and be on the lookout for good spots to shoot from. Develop an image in your mind’s eye to include a foreground interest as well as an interesting scene. But don’t hang about either as But by the time you have found the exact spot you wanted to shoot from, the light and weather could have changed, and the moment would have escaped you.

Many of us photographers have hundreds, if not thousands of images on our computers at home, sitting there idle. I have decided this time to compile a “Photo Book” of my weekend in Kerry and include in it a selection of my images, as a souvenir of the weekend. I am going to entitle the book “The Delights of the Dingle Peninsula”. I have ordered one copy and hope to have it in my hand in about a week. Thanks again to Rodney for all his encouragement and support.

Liam O Neachtan

I went on Rodney's Dawn to Dusk workshop in Dingle last weekend (25th July 2020) and couldn't recommend his workshop, or working with him as a tutor in any situation, highly enough. Rodney is a natural tutor, he is encouraging, helpful, intuitive and doesn't bombard you with information, instead simplifying the process of capturing great images. The day was well organised and planned. We had a small group, with each attendee getting as much individual attention as needed. I learned a lot, and not just in terms of the areas I knew I needed to work on before attending, and had great fun in the process. Our group weren't even halfway through the day before we found ourselves trying to figure out when we could do another workshop with Rodney. I should have booked one of these days years ago, in hindsight it seems crazy to invest in camera equipment, filters etc. without also investing in guidance on how to see the best composition and ways of capturing it. I have come away from the day with a lot to practice, and more than a few bad habits to break, but my enthusiasm for photography has only increased. I look forward to doing more work with Rodney, if you are thinking about booking with him just do it, you will not regret it!

Orla Fleming

I did a 1:1 workshop with Rodney recently.
I found Rodney to be a great teacher. His manner was relaxed and friendly.
He was most generous with his time and knowledge. He has a great eye and the knack of making the ordinary look extraordinary. I really learned a lot and I would have no hesitation recommending his workshops.
I look forward to joining him again in the future.

Anne O Donnell

I recently attended a Dawn to Dusk one day workshop with Rodney.

His attention to detail and his tips on composition is quite amazing. I found Rodney's passion for image capture gave us participants, an even greater desire to capture brilliant images.
I have been an active photographer for many years and have participated in international workshops -Rodney's tutor knowledge as a landscape photographer is " World Class "
One of the greatest pieces of knowledge i gained on the day was seeing a great image in challenging conditions.
I would highly recommend a workshop with Rodney be it for technical tips or for local landmarks.

David Lavery

I've attended a few workshops with Rodney O'Callaghan Photography and each one was absolutely brilliant. No matter what level of experience you have, you will learn something new from Rodney. He puts in a huge amount of work in advance to make sure you'll get to the best locations at the optimum time to shoot them. Most recently, I travelled with Rodney to Slovenia and I loved every minute of the trip. We had a lovely group and Rodney helped us all to get some cracking photos. I will definitely travel on more workshops with Rodney and would absolutely recommend him to anyone considering going on one of his trips.

Sean Griffin

I went on a photography workshop to Tuscany with Rodney recently and am so impressed with his professionalism and genuine interest in getting the best out of each participant. Rodney’s lovely and calm manner put everyone at ease, regardless of their previous photographic experience or abilities. The trip was really well organised and his knowledge of the area was second to none. He brought us to some amazing places, off the beaten path and I was blown away by the beautiful scenery we captured throughout our trip.
I will certainly go on other trips organised by Rodney and I highly recommend him!

Marie Breen

I recently went on my first Landscape workshop to Slovenia with Rodney O Callaghan Photography and what an amazing trip. I was a bit apprehensive at first but Rodney quickly put me at ease, he is a very patient and excellent teacher , I learnt so much in such a short time with Rodney .Rodney was very professional, very helpful and took us to the most amazing locations so we got the most Epic Landscapes. I would highly recommend Rodney and look forward to my next trip with him.

Jenny Ladd

I have just returned from an excellent workshop in Slovenia with RodneyO Callaghan . The locations were spectacular and so varied and Rodney's organisational skills ensured we visited them at optimum times of each day . As with all of Rodney's workshops he is continuously on hand to provide individual help , advice and encouragement to each member of the group , regardless of their standard of knowledge . We not alone came away stunning shots , we also came away with an overview of the beauty of Slovenia . I would highly recommend going with Rodney on one of his workshops and there you will learn photographic skills together with the fun and laughter of being with some wonderful like minded people under the guidance of an excellent mentor . Thanks Rodney for a wonderful experience and a top class workshop . Thanks also to a super group people who bonded well over the few days and provided much fun and laughter

Sheila O Connor

I’ve attended a number of Rodney’s workshops over the past few years, most recently last week in Tuscany, and always learn lots of new things. Not just about photography but also great tips for editing in Lightroom, Photoshop and other apps. His knowledge of light and the groundwork he puts in before we arrive is amazing, and his workshops, though they can be tough work, are always tremendous fun. I highly recommend him.

Valerie Sweeney

After having the pleasure of spending almost a week in Tuscany with Rodney I’ve come home more knowledgeable and confident in my photography. Rodney is a true gent and phenomenal at what he does. He is patient and extremely helpful and taught me how to deconstruct a scene and pick out details I never would have considered before when shooting. He is a true master of his craft and I came away from Tuscany with some of the best photos I have ever taken. I would thoroughly recommend his tours to anyone looking to improve or find a new angle in photography.

Paul O Donnell

Having been on a recent workshop to Tuscany, I found Rodney an excellent coach, providing clear guidance, tactful and timely intervention. He was kind and calm and generous with his time and advice even to people not on his workshop. He researches his locations meticulously and I'm in awe of his ability to navigate the areas and find good vantage points in the right locations. I learned loads and hope to attend other workshops in the future. Thanks Rodney

Margaret Goodall

I recently attended one of Rodney’s photography courses and enjoyed it immensely. I became much more familiar with the use of my camera,the use of filters and the correct way to take better pictures. Rodney was very generous in giving us loads of tuition and was very patient in his approach. No question was left unanswered. I would highly recommend one of Rodney’s courses and I hope to attend one again at a later date.

Patricia Cavanagh

I have attended 2 Landscape Workshops run by Rodney – one in Achill and another one in Dingle. I was very impressed with how Rodney runs his workshops –relaxed, easy going and very informative. Both of the workshops were very well organized, great accommodation and great places to eat. Rodney’s enthusiasm was evident throughout the workshops and was able to accommodate all skill levels. It was very well paced and was certainly tailored to meet my needs but also everyone else’s on the workshop, no matter what skill level you were at. The format was that Rodney went through what we were going to cover for the weekend – talked about the technical aspect of Landscape photography i.e. lenses, tripods, filters, etc. and then the artistic side – composition, lighting and the most important aspect I took from his workshop “was seeing in layers”. He organized our itinerary to make full use of our time on the workshop – when we weren’t out creating photos, he patiently went through the whole editing process with us and answered any questions we may have had. He was great at helping you evaluate a scene and gives you the confidence to capture some beautiful images. He was always checking in with you to see if you understood the technical side of things, the editing process and most importantly how to see a photo.

After both weekends, I now feel more confident using filters and have a deeper understanding of composition and layers in Landscape Photography. A thoroughly enjoyable weekend and I totally recommend one of Rodney’s workshop to anybody who has an interest in Landscape Photography

Patricia Cahill

I have been on both the Dingle workshop and the Achill workshops with Rodney. He’s a master of composition and a kind patient teacher. He has led me to discover how to approach landscape photography, select an engaging composition , take my picture and then process it . His critique is kind but constructive . All in all both weekends proved to be a great learning experience for me. Thank you Rodney.

Elspeth Hall

Testimonial to a great teacher

I first met Rodney O Callaghan on a photo workshop on the Causeway Coast about three years ago. He co-hosted this 3 day workshop with Eimhear Collins. I had never met him before and this work shop was a revelation to me. He was attentive to the needs of all the group.

I have taken pictures since I can remember and was involved in setting up a dark room in my old secondary school in the 70’s. I took up photography seriously only about 5 years ago . Since that first workshop with Rodney I have attended another 3 day workshop in Donegal and last week I spent a week with Rodney on a 1 to 1 in Iceland. What an unbelievable experience that was. Just top class.

What have I not learnt from Rodney !! . He is remarkable. Apart from his humour and easy going personality, he is attentive and there only for the client ( which was me fortunately). I have learnt so much; composition, camera function, angles, use of light , controlled HDRs (as best one can) to simple aspects about camera bags and tripods. He is a wealth of knowledge, delivered in the most pleasant way.

Recently he showed my some digital processing which he imparts with ease. It goes even further. If you have a problem ( like i had with processes 2 images after one of the previous workshops) he would bend over backwards. He has guided me with my forthcoming photographic book.

So for a photo whokshop where you want to be brought to the right location at the right time- Rodney is your man!

Thank you Rodney

Michael Sugrue

I had a great days shooting with you Rodney O Callaghan. Your teaching skills are second to none, and I would highly recommend anybody to attend one of your Workshops. I was wondering what you could bring to the Photography table as I have been shooting a while but you explained everything and answered all my questions in a calm clear and friendly manner. You said you could improve my Photography in half a hour, a bold comment but you were true to your word, framing the shot , balancing the tonal range with filters , and creating depth within a scene were the order of the day and very well explained and after the shoot you carried that through when we sat down to edit the photos together . You certainly gave me food for thought and skills I will use going forward, you were passionate about establishing a method of shooting and editing that was about consistency and repetition and creating a step by step approach which I loved. Anybody would certainly benefit from your tuition from beginner to advanced. Delighted to have shared such a wonderful day in your company can't recommend you highly enough.

Darren Lane , Ballincollig

Most productive & enjoyable photo workshop imaginable !

Having been on various photography trips over the last 2+ years, taking part in a multi-day workshop-style trip this time round was an altogether more rewarding experience, especially in part due to the care & attention Rodney provides to everybody.

Rodney went the extra mile to ensure we got to the right locations at the right time, in the right conditions. What impressed me most was how Rodney seemed to be able to precisely locate the nuances and sweet-spots of each location … many of which would not be entirely obvious, except for his artistic eye.

Best of all, I advanced my photography skills - Rodney helped me climb a couple of wrungs of the ladder. I learnt SO MUCH over the few days. By that I mean a refining and rethinking of what I’ve been doing over the years. I felt that I had embarked on a v2.0 of my overall photography.

That generous, impartial, helpful refining process that’s available on-tap, is what makes Rodney’s trips that bit special.

A final thought - it’s the first photography trip where I didn’t hit the the office the Monday morning afterwards like the walking-dead ;-) I have to give Rodney kudos for being very smart with the seasonal timing of his trip: the sunsets & sunrises and what happens in-between.

All in all, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND a trip with Rodney O’Callaghan Photography if you want to advance your skills, take-in gorgeous landscapes while still taking time-out, and have a laugh while you’re at it.

Paul Leith

I went to Northumberland on a five day workshop with Rodney last weekend. From the moment we left Dublin everything was meticulously planned to give us the maximum locations, a great variety of landscape/seascape types, great learning experiences on light, balance and composition. Every aspect of the workshop had been researched in great detail down to the cafes we stopped in for lunch! Each day we were driven to great vantage points where we could make the most of the stunning scenery. We got great care and tuition and had a thoroughly enjoyable experience with great company! I would not hesitate to recommend this workshop to anyone and will be back with Rodney to many of the other great locations he has to offer.

Berni Murphy

I joined two others and Rodney on a workshop in Iceland that he led in March this year. Prior to the trip I was kept fully informed via a detailed itinerary and I was particularly impressed with the Facebook page that he set up so that all of us could engage with each other before meeting in Iceland. This forum enabled us to raise any questions that we had and these were answered promptly and informatively; and the gentle banter that evolved between us all before flying out removed all nerves about meeting as strangers.
The trip was a photographic experience of a lifetime! The landscape was simply breathtaking, and due to the careful preplanning conducted by Rodney, we were taken to a series of places - some well known and some not - that were simply awe inspiring.
Whilst I am an experienced photographer, I had come out with the aim of mastering a new skill - that of long exposure photography. Rodney was a master at explaining the steps to take, pitched at a pace that was easy to take in and with plenty of reinforcement and encouragement to embed the learning. Always patient, knowledgeable and invariably good humoured, he was an example of what a great teacher looks like when working with each of us. And as a teacher myself, I certainly know one when I see one!
As well as being enriched photographically, I can safely say that the three of us who went on the workshop had a fantastic time - great 'craic ' as the Irish would say!
I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Rodney's workshops to any photographer who wishes to improve their technique and creative process. I'm already in discussion about when I will be joining Rodney for my next workshop with him!

Max More

I am probably in a unique position in that I have visited Iceland twice - the first time on my own and the second with Rodney. Both times were to take photographs. While going on your own sounds like a good idea, you have to do your research (hours of it), find and book accommodation, check out where to eat, hire transport, try to have several versions of 'plan B' for when the weather throws you a curve ball, etc., etc. On top of this you will probably need to scout the locations to see where the best vantage points are. I came back with about 5 decent shots the first time.
Or ....... you could go with Rodney. All you need worry about is bringing your camera gear. He has done all the rest and on my trip there were three 'students' to one 'teacher'. He is relentless in his goal to make sure you get great pictures. No sooner had he driven us to our first accommodation than we were out again to our first shoot location. He checked on all of us to make sure we got the pictures and then we went to eat. We were supposed to go to bed early so as to be up early for a sunrise shoot but before we settled in we were out again to shoot the Aurora Borealis. This infinite energy lasted the whole week. Determination that we got the best shots. The accommodation we were in was always great. We ate well. We got on well and had a bit of craic.
The cost of the workshop with Rodney turned out to be less expensive than my solo trip and produced a lot more photographs too.
I highly recommend it and am considering other workshops as well.

Paul Timon

Back in 2016 i was an amatuer photogrpher in every sense of the word..i knew how to turn on a camera and i knew or at least i told myself i knew how to take a photograph...how wrong was i....it was around then i decided to attend a Seascape workshop on the Copper Coast with Rodney and his partner in crime Eimhear Collins...it was one afternoon of shooting and tuition but for me it was the catalyst to changing everything i thought i knew about photography...Rodney was a fountain of knowledge...with just the right amount of info and guidance and a little nudge here and there he instantly made me more confident in myself...you see i believe you can teach anyone to use a camera but not everyone can learn to take a good photograph but with Rodney looking over my shoulder and guiding me and sharing his knowledge i felt like i was becoming a better photographer right away.....it was to be the start of a great friendship....i continued progressing but like all new photographers i fell into silly habits..too much saturation too much vibrancy poor editing etc and Rodney in his wisdom had the guts to call me on this....not many would be brave enough to do this but he recognised a flaw in me that could have made me a terrible photographer....its this moment in our friendship i value the most and its a testament to the kind of man he is....one thats willing to be a mentor and one thats not afraid to make the tough calls when needed....i've been fortunate enough to attend more workshops with Rodney since then and i'll advise anyone reading this....do one.... it'll be the best decision you ever make....thank you Rodney and best of luck with your new website

Mark O'Brien

I first met Rodney in Spring 2017 on a workshop that he was co-hosting with fellow photographer Eimhear Collins on the Copper Coast in Co Waterford. I was introduced to seascape photography for the first time combined with the proper use of filters etc to achieve the necessary back wash and motion in the waves The one day workshop transformed my photography and from then I was hooked. I am literally now seeing the world around me in a different light!
I had first noticed Rodney’s work on Facebook from posts that he was uploading while on a scouting trip in Iceland The weather conditions during his trip were very extreme, even Reykjavik airport was closed down just after he had arrived into the country! This did not deter Rodney though, so long as the roads were not officially closed he managed to keep moving from location to location posting up amazing images during his trip… I was so inspired by this I made contact with him while he was still out there to book myself and my wife onto a workshop that was coming up within a number of weeks which was on the Copper Coast.
Since then my wife and I have been to workshops with Rodney to the Antrim Coast, Northumberland and Iceland and we have become good friends along the way… He is a very knowledgeable photographer and a great instructor He knows when you are in need of some help and when just to leave you alone! He gets great personal satisfaction from seeing your photography improve and is very keen to impart his knowledge when and where it is appropriate. When you go on a workshop with Rodney his clients are his only priority and ensuring they get every opportunity to capture the shot. He prides himself that he will not be found taking shots to add to his own portfolio while clients are struggling. If he does take a few shots they will only be to help show various compositions at a location
I am so glad I met Rodney when I did as I feel I have been fast tracked along the photography learning curve which admittedly can be quite frustrating at times. I am also really lucky that during this process I have managed to make some new amazing like-minded friends. It has also provided me with a way to help destress from modern life with the added bonus of photographing some of the world’s most wonderful locations with equally wonderful people!

Thank you Rodney…

Adrian Gray

I have joined Rodney on various workshops in Ireland over the last few years which were most enjoyable and rewarding. These workshops were well planned, action packed with plenty of variety but most important is the “one to one” tuition that Rodney manages to give to each participant.

Rodney caters for all levels of photographers both in capturing the image to the all important post processing .

I am looking forward to joining Rodney on further workshops including the UK as his knowledge and expertise are excellent.

Katy Swarbrigg

I enjoyed the 2 days one to one training I did with Rodney this year. Rodney is a great teacher, very professional and well prepared. I learned a great deal, it brought on my photography a huge amount and I was much more confident with my equipment afterward.

Barry Murphy

I went on Rodney's week long workshop in Iceland in March 2018. Rodney had been to Iceland numerous times before location scouting to ensure that his workshop participants would get the most out it. Rodney had a very detailed itinerary planned out for us and kept in close contact before going to ensure that any questions we had re gear or what to take were well answered. The itinerary was superb with lots of variety of locations and lots of potential to stop on route or head off the beaten track. One of the many things that sets Rodney apart is that he gives his participants full attention and does not take any photos himself. The workshop size is small to ensure everyone has lots of time with Rodney to make sure they learn some tips or get their questions answered. At the end Rodney sent on a really nice video collage of our adventures which really captured the essence of the fun we had and was a really nice unexpected gesture that finished off a trip that was truly a trip of a lifetime. No matter what your level of photography I would highly recommend Rodney's workshops.

2018, Terry MacSweeney, Kerry, Ireland

I retired five years ago and decided to follow my dream of learning to take some decent landscape photographs. I was lucky to meet Rodney, because not alone did he teach me the technical skills of how to take good images he taught me something even more valuable. Rodney is a passionate photographer and his love and enthusiasm for photography is contagious. When you are on a workshop with him he has the ability of pointing out the beauty of the surrounding landscape/ seascape, teaching you how to capture it and empowering you with the joy and pleasure of the experience.

I have attended workshops with Rodney and Eimhear Collins along the Copper Coast, Antrim Coast and Donegal. I also had the most wonderful experience last February when, along with two fantastic photographers we did a week’s workshop with Rodney in Iceland. Like all of Rodney’s workshops it was superbly organised with a detailed itinerary where nothing was left to chance because of Rodney’s in-depth knowledge of each location and his total commitment to ensuring that we the participants, came away with the best of images as well as having a most magical experience. Other workshops I have attended the tutor would have his own camera and tripod capturing images for himself. With Rodney, his gold standard is to be constantly available around his clients to provide whatever advise, support and encouragement is needed. He is natural born mentor who can easily impart knowledge and skill sets to any level of photographer.

As well as being an excellent learning experience these workshops are great fun, each day ends with a gathering of likeminded people sharing stories over some good food and drink. Whatever level of photographer you are, you will come away from Rodney’s workshop feeling enriched in knowledge and experience. I would highly recommend any of his workshops and like myself you will find when you attend one you will then eagerly look forward to attending another.

Sheila O Connor

I have taken three workshops so far with Rodney. Two have been in Ireland, one based on the Donegal coastline and the other along the Antrim coastline . These were run by Rodney along with Eimhear Collins. The third workshop I attended was a week-long one in Iceland which was run by Rodney alone. In all three of these workshops I have found Rodney to be a wonderful companion and coach.

Firstly getting away from the photography side of the workshop he is a complete gentleman who pays great attention to how his clients are enjoying there long weekend or week away. He will endeavour to help everybody with whatever small problems they might run into, from forgetting some piece of photo equipment to having a bit of trouble with their car, (I seen him getting one started!). He is completely aware that if a person is having some small annoying problem, such as forgetting something, then they are unlikely to be enjoying their photography.

In terms of the photography side of the workshops Rodney is super. He is a wonderful photographer himself and he takes every effort and opportunity to help his clients improve their craft . He will help you on the technical side with your camera settings etc and goes to great lengths to give full understandable explanations. He was wonderful at helping us to evaluate a scene and how to explore it in order to capture a really strong image. Even when environmental conditions are not perfect Rodney will challenge you to make the best image you can in the circumstances.

I think that I, and many other people who go on these workshops, often have some feelings of uncertainty or a lack of confidence, especially in the midst of other photographers. We are often aware of our weak points, in my case understanding camera settings, and are almost afraid to ask in case we appear a bit stupid .However Rodney is wonderful with clients like myself, he teaches, supports and helps his clients in the most gentle and interesting way. Then when one's confidence is growing and we feel more comfortable in the workshop, he will challenge us to push ourselves and gradually over the weekend you find yourself developing in a way you wouldn't have thought possible. Rodney's workshops are always great fun too and you get to visit the most wonderful and beautiful places and meet some really nice people. I look forward to taking another one or two with him before too long.

Tom Conniffe

I attended Rodney O’Callaghan’s Cumbria workshop in October 2018.

Rodney’s knowledge of the area allowed us to visit mutable locations every day with great results despite the poor weather (storm Callum). He possesses that very rare gift as a workshop provider, in that. he can very quickly evaluate each participant’s photographic ability, allowing him to direct his advice where and when its needed most. He seemed to be at everybody’s shoulder just at the right time.

Each evening he would run through some images from the day and get some lively discussion going. The next days locations would be discussed and preparations made accordingly. The weather forecast for Saturday was for a washout, so, Rodney proposed to move the workshop to the East coast of the UK! This saw us on the road for 5am and we spent the day shooting from Whitby to Sunderland in what turned out to be a very warm fine day with some fantastic photographic opportunities. This foresight on Rodney’s part was a master stroke and far beyond all our expectations.

I cannot recommend Rodney’s workshops highly enough. From the moment I meet him at Dublin Airport his passion for photography was infectious. His professional approach and dedication towards his participants ensures that everyone regardless of ones photographic level comes away with a better understanding and knowledge of all aspects of photography.

Charlie O Donovan

Just back from a great 3 day workshop in Donegal. Eimhear and Rodneys choice of venues for the various shoots were excellent. They know all the best locations to go to. They are great coaches.

I learned a lot from them. I had a great time and made some new friends. This is the third workshop that I attended with them and I look forward to future trips.

I would recommend their workshops

Gerald Phelan

I feel the need to provide this unsolicited testimonial. I am an experienced Artist. My photography to date has largely been of the point and shoot variety I wanted to improve this so recently attended a 3 day course in Achill and North Mayo with Rodney O Callaghan I was most impressed with all aspects -the prior research, the organisation, the accommodation, the tuition etc No effort was too great -e.g Rodney drove the 3 participants to North Mayo for a particular site - a 4 hour round trip. For myself ,the level of personal attention, patience,tuition, demonstrations was such that my awareness was transformed and i will be much more aware and capable in future.

Lastly the craic and rapartee between the participants added to the enjoyment.

Pat Doyle

I recently visited Cumbria on a photography workshop hosted by Rodney O Callaghan.
From the initial time I met Rodney many months earlier, when I expressed interest in attending a workshop with him he kept in touch with me highlighting events that he was planning. I had always wanted to visit the Lake District and opted for a photography trip with Rodney and 3 other participant's in the Autumn of 2018.

Rodney sorted out all of the organising and planning of the trip so all I had to do was turn up. From the initial meeting of The group at Dublin airport I was made to feel welcome and I could see very quickly that I was going to enjoy been part of the trip for the next few days because we settled well with each other. I have been a member of a camera club for 5 or 6 years and am reasonably experienced in some aspects of photography but recognise that I have so much more to learn and understand. I know also that I will never stop wanting to learn more. I enjoy relaxing outdoors and talked to Rodney about what I wanted to get from the few days. I was mainly trying to improve my abilities in the area of composition. Over the course of 5 days we were out early each morning, visited many locations, dined at proper intervals and returned to a very suitable and comfortable base each night. Rodney made sure we had a great evening meal each night and these evenings really helped the group to get to know each other. Rodney was such a great help to me and because he knew the needs and wants of all the participant's he was able to give each of us the necessary time required during the trip. He is full of knowledge and ideas and could not have been a better guide and teacher. He gently drove me along and gave me many new ideas when facing a new scene or location. He certainly helped me see these locations with new eyes. Nothing was a problem from the first time we met and he proved an energetic and wonderful tutor, eager to help us fulfill our photography needs, none so more as when transferring us to the East coast of Yorkshire when we were faced with storm Callum in Cumbria. He drove us through the night in heavy rain so that we could take photos in better weather. I had a fantastic trip, met some wonderful people, got a few nice photos and could not recommend Rodney highly enough, mainly because of his jolly demeanour and his willingness to help people. I am not surprised that photography enthusiasts go back on repeat trips with him and it is my intention to do another photography trip with him soon again.

Sean Ganly